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Our Line-Up

Discover a range of versatile longboards designed for various styles and preferences. The Walzer, Bolero, Discofox, Forró, Hustle, Kizomba, and Minicruiser boards offer unique features and flex options to cater to different riders. From smooth dance moves to freestyle tricks and downhill thrills, these boards are crafted for every skating adventure. With wheel flares, wheelwells, and double kicks, you can experience ultimate control and performance. Find your perfect ride with our longboard collection, each offering a unique blend of style and functionality. Get ready to shred the streets and hills in style.

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Designed over a decade collaborative effort with our team riders, the Walzer was made to be the perfect dancer. As the longest board in the collection it gives you enough room and flex for your smooth moves. Then kicks give you enough air to pop some tricks and spice up you lines. So when the Walzer asks for a dance; why not accept the offer?

2 Degree Wedged Rocker | Wheelflares | Wheelwells | TwinTip "spoon" Shape
Construction: Bamboo + Fiberglass + Carbon
Length: 127 cm | 50″
Width: 23,8 cm | 9.4″
Wheelbase: 83,5 cm | 32.9″
Weight: Flex I 2,6 kg - Flex II 2,4 kg - Flex III 2,3 kg (+/- 150 gram)
Ash wood veneer (may vary from picture !)

Recommended flex/body weight:
Flex III (soft): < 75 kg
Flex II (medium): 65 kg - 85 kg
Flex I (stiff): > 75 kg

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When the guitar starts to play you know that it’s time to dance the Bolero! Take it out for a little swing and see what your dancing feet can make it do. The Bolero’s snappy pop and big kicks allow you to easlily ollie and do other skate tricks. Thanks to the wheelflares in combination with the wheelwells you can run loose trucks without having to worry about wheelbites while getting your groove on and surfing the sidewalks.

2 degree wedged rocker | Wheelflares | Wheelwells | Double "spoon" kicks
Length: 118 cm | 46.5″
Width: 23 cm | 9″
Wheelbase: 75.5 cm | 29.7″
Construction: Bamboo + Fiberglass + Carbon
Weight: Flex II 2,2 kg / Flex I 2,3 kg (+/- 100 gram)
Ash wood veneer (may vary from picture !)

Flex II (medium) : recommended body weight up to 90 kg
Flex I (stiff): recommended body weight up to 115 kg

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Bastlboard Discofox



The longer brother of the Forró, the Discofox is the perfect all purpose board, good for dancing steps, freestyle tricks and comfortable runs down your favourite free-ride spot. It features radial concave in combination with a micro-drop and wheelflares and wheelwells. Its platform is long enough for you to make your steps on and the big kicks allow you to pop tricks. And the firm flex of the Discofox let’s you flow around while coquering new limits and spots.

Micro Drops | Wheelflairs | Wheelwells | TwinTip Shape | Double Kicks

Lenght: 108,5 cm | 42.7″
Width: 23,5 cm | 9.25″
Long wheelbase: 67,5 cm | 26.5″
Short wheelbase: 63,5 cm | 25″
Weight: 1,8kg

Bastlboard Forro



The Forró is for the progressive, every day shredder who wants to explore their freestyle and speed limits. It’s here for you to shred the universe!
With its firm flex and big kicks, for a snappy pop, you’ll be able to ollie and flip the Forró like it’s nothing. Once your game of skate is done put on your free-ride wheels and take a run down your hill. The Forró has a radial concave in combination with a wedged rocker and deep wheel flares. These will help you to find the right foot position without having to look down. Your feet will be locked into whatever crazy slides you’ll do!

Micro Drop | Wheelflairs | Wheelwells | TwinTip Shape | Double Kicks

Lenght: 104 cm | 41″
Width: 23,5 cm | 9.25″
Long wheelbase: 63 cm | 24.8″
Short wheelbase: 59 cm | 23.2″
Weight: 1,7kg

Bastlboard Hustle



Short, solid, and fast. The Hustle is made for shredding moutains! It’s a downhill free-ride machine with a freestyle attitude.
With deep wheel flares in combination with wheelwells you can throw on your biggest wheels and still have enough space for locking your foot in position for massive high-speed slides. The micro drop and the radial concave in combination with a slightly w-concave in the back allow plenty of board control. Finished your run? Keep it going by putting the single kicktail to good use and pop some ollies or hit some curbs.

Micro Drop | Wheelflairs | Wheelwells | Directional Shape | Single Kick

Lenght: 91 cm | 35.8″
Width: 24 cm | 9.45″
Long wheelbase: 64 cm | 25.2″
Short wheelbase: 60 cm | 23.6″
Weight: 1,5kg

Bastlboard Kizomba



Like the real Kizomba dance, which is a combination of different dance styles, our Kizomba board is a combination of freestyle and freeriding with a bit of dancing. We enlarged the boards dance floor by adding a second wheelbase which gives smaller riders a better free ride experience. This freestyle-beast also features wheel-flares for more wheel-clearance. A smooth concave in the kicks grants you more control for manuals and g-turns. Grab the Kizomba, bomb the Kiez!

Straight Platform | Wheelflairs | Directional Shape | Double Kicks

Lenght: 90 cm | 35.4″
Width: 23,5 cm | 9.25 ″
Long wheelbase: 49 cm | 19.3″
Short wheelbase: 45 cm | 17.9″
Weight: 1,3kg

Bastlboard Lipsi



Finally a Minicruiser for your everyday shred.

Straight Platform | Wheelflairs | Directional Shape | Single Kick

Lenght: 81 cm | 31.9″
Width: 22 cm | 8,675 ″
Long wheelbase: 49 cm | 19.3″
Short wheelbase: 45 cm | 17.9″
Weight: 1,3kg

A Walzer laying on a bed of stones

About Us

Bastl Boards, founded in 2008, is indeed a family business and we will keep it this way. Our mantra is quite simple: it's all about the big smile. We think that no rider should have their skate progress hindered by their deck, which is why we absolutely take a quality over quantity philosophy to our production.
At Bastl Boards, we're passionate about crafting high-quality longboards that offer the ultimate experience for riders of all levels. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and performance has made us a trusted name in the longboarding community.

With seven different boards to choose from we supply riders of all styles, skill sets, and attitudes. Together with our team riders who are located all over the world we're constantly working on new constructions and shapes. Prototyping and being on top of the notch is a big part of our brands philosophy. Since day one we continuously collaborate with local artists who help us making our decks so unique. Every time we develop a new construction or reshape our models we ask an artist to design the whole collection.

A drone shot of the Bastl Team lyingn on the ground with their boards next to them
Shopping at a flower market with the Walzer in hand

Unmatched Quality

Our boards are meticulously crafted using premium materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure durability and performance.

The Bastlboards Team at the SYCLD contest in Eindhoven

Rider-Centric Design

We understand the diverse needs of longboarders, from freestyle tricks to downhill adventures. Our boards are designed to cater to a wide range of riding styles.

A photo of the Bastlboards x Busyhands exhibition

Innovation and Creativity

Bastl Boards are the result of continuous innovation and creativity, making each ride an unforgettable experience.